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Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting to the breasts, also known as Autologous Fat Transfer, is a breast augmentation procedure where breast volume is increased and the breasts are shaped via the transfer of fat tissue from other areas of the body. This results in breasts that both look and feel natural and more shapely.

Implant with Fat (Hybrid)

By combining Autologous Fat Transfer with traditional silicone or saline breast implants, our surgeons can create a more natural looking and feeling result than implants alone and a larger increase in breast size than is possible with just fat transfer.

Implant Removal & Replacement

Breast Lift

Breast Reconstruction

Whether because of natural asymmetry, childbirth, past implants, weight-loss or ageing, many women find it necessary to undergo full breast reconstruction and breast reconstruction via Autologous Fat Transfer can result in a more natural look and feel than traditional implants.

Mummy Makeover & Body Contouring