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Breast Implant Removal & Replacement With Your Own Fat

28 November 2018
Implant removal and replacement with fat image

Today I saw a young woman who wanted her implants removed & replaced with her own fat.
She is a busy Mum who also runs her own business and manages to find time to study for an advanced qualification!
The first thing she said about her implants was: 

“I should have been more informed and thought more about my choices”.

Her story was that she had breast implants inserted early in 2017.  She is a slight woman and went from an A cup to a DD as she had 460 cc round silicone implants inserted. 

Unfortunately, the bigger the implant the greater the risk of post-operative complications.  Sure enough, just 18 months later Megan had her implants removed and replaced due to the development of capsule contracture.  In other words, her breasts became hard and painful due to formation of scar tissue around her implants.

Now, just 3 months after replacement of her implants, her breasts remain uncomfortable and painful in a bra.  She finds them too large (not surprisingly) and finds it difficult to lie on her stomach.  She also finds it difficult to hold her children an she feels that her strength has been affected.

This scenario has becoming all too common.  Women are choosing implants which are too large for their frame, having multiple operations and still not being happy with the result.

My plan for this young woman is to remove her implants and then to augment her breasts using her own fat.  Like many women she has an abundance of fat in her hips & thighs and she loves the idea of having this fat removed and transferred into her breasts.  Even though her breasts will not be as large as before, they will be a lot more comfortable and will look much more natural.  There is also the upside that if she puts on any weight in the future it will not go to her hips but straight to her breasts!