Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction by Autologous Fat Transfer has been performed for many years, usually by moving fat from the back or abdomen into the breast.  The fat is transferred on a “pedicle” consisting of an artery and veins so that the fat maintains a blood supply in the new position.  This is a complex and relatively time consuming surgical procedure with a high complication rate.

A Different Approach

Breast reconstruction can also be performed by inserting an artificial implant into the space occupied by the breast or under the pectoral muscle.  Although a simpler procedure, it is not unusual to have complications related to the implant such as rippling or capsule contracture resulting in the breast feeling hard and unnatural.

Breast reconstruction by Autologous Fat Transfer is an entirely different approach, which is based on our breast augmentation by Autologous Fat Transfer procedure.  It can be used after a partial or segmental mastectomy to fill in the defect caused by excision of part of the breast.  

It is very useful when used around a breast implant to conceal rippling and to make the breast feel generally softer.  It can also be used as a sole method of breast reconstruction.  In this technique your own purified fat is grafted into the thin layer of fat that remains under your breast skin. 

Because every woman’s requirements are different, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the way in which Autologous Fat Transfer could be of benefit to you. 

*All surgical procedures carry risk and you should discuss these risks with your surgeon prior to consenting to any operation.

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