Hybrid: Breast Implants with Fat Transfer

For those looking for a larger increase in breast size, it is possible to combine Autologous Fat Transfer with traditional silicone or saline breast implants. Combining breast implants with fat transfer can produce a more natural-looking shape than just using silicone or saline implants alone.

A More Natural Enlargement

Many women who desire a larger size increase than fat transfer can offer often consider more traditional breast enlargement surgery through silicone or saline implants. However, they sometimes shy away for fear of having breasts that appear 'fake' or don't 'sit' the way natural breasts do.
It is particularly effective in correcting the cleavage and improving upper pole fullness, even in small breasts.

By combining traditional breast implant devices with Autologous Fat Transfer, our surgeons are able to shape and contour the breasts in ways not possible with implants alone. Transferred fat supports the implants and adds a more natural shape to the breasts, whilst the implant increases breast size more than is possible through fat transfer alone.

*All surgical procedures carry risk and you should discuss these risks with your surgeon prior to consenting to any operation.

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