We are the leading specialists in Autologous Fat Transfer to the Breast, having developed this procedure to provide our patients with enhanced breasts that are entirely natural-looking. 

Breast Fat Transfer Procedures

Fat Transfer Australia offers a range of procedures to suit our individual patients’ requirements. Whether you are looking for a more natural alternative to breast implants, whether you are concerned about your breasts sagging, or whether you would like old implants removed and replaced, Autologous Fat Transfer is an alternative breast augmentation procedure that is safe and delivers long-lasting results. 


Our surgeons will assist you to achieve attractive, symmetrical breasts that remain in proportion to the rest of your body. While the breasts will look and feel larger, they will remain soft and completely natural-looking.

Implant with Fat (Hybrid)

Combining breast implants with fat transfer can produce a more natural-looking shape than just using silicone or saline implants alone.

Implant Removal & Replacement

Fat Transfer to the breasts is an ideal solution for many women who are looking to remove and replace their existing breast implants. The result is a softer and more natural look compared to silicone breast implants.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Women with sagging breasts due to ageing, weight loss or childbirth can enhance the shape and size of their breasts with a breast lift and Autologous Fat Transfer. The result is soft and natural-looking breasts that have been lifted and volumised.

Breast Reconstruction with Augmentation

There are many reasons women may seek breast reconstruction, including natural asymmetry or following surgery. Learn more about breast reconstruction via Autologous Fat Transfer.

How is Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Performed?

All our fat grafting procedures are performed at the fully equipped and accredited Windsor Private Hospital.  

Our surgeons use advanced techniques to harvest fat efficiently from the hips, thighs or abdomen, before purifying and preparing it for grafting into the breast.

The fat is then distributed evenly throughout the breast tissue to create a smooth breast shape and to give the fat cells the maximum chance of survival. Virtually no scarring is produced on the breasts, as the fat is transferred by a small cannula. On the sites where fat has been harvested, only a few discreet scars measuring approximately 1cm are produced, and these fade after 6-12 months. 

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer is suitable for women seeking a 1-2 cup size increase in breast volume. For women seeking a larger cup size increase, this procedure is not suitable.

It is ideal for women who are within a healthy weight range and who have some excess fat that can be transferred from areas such as their abdomen, hips and thighs.

As it produces a natural breast shape, it is not suited to women who are seeking the stylised or artificial look as created by implants, which can produce the look of ‘upper pole fullness.’ However, one of the biggest benefits of Fat Transfer to the Breast is that even a small volume of fat transferred can produce very pleasing results.

Why is Fat Transfer Preferable to Implants?

While many women are attracted to the ‘quick fix’ that implants provide, many plastic surgeons have found them to cause more problems than benefits.

In fact, many surgeons report that 25% of their patients require further surgery in the first two years after their initial implant surgery.

This can be for several reasons, including malposition and/or hardening of the implants, leakage, rippling or deflation, just to name a few. 

In contrast, Fat Transfer uses your body’s own fat safely to restore volume and shape to the breasts. Results are permanent, meaning secondary surgery is rarely required.  

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